Including, learn more. In general, this page is dedicated to providing information regarding Kitsap County Community Involvement. In addition to providing a links to different organizations, there are more details within those specific pages. Following these links, will take you directly to the respective website. Represented by community, these are a few of the organizations The Mentor Company works with. Another key point is offering direct links to these organizations and how to assit them directly. Additionally, we hope that this gives inspiration in a couple different ways. First, organizations should feel free to communicate with us. Then, we can start the conversation of forming a relationship. Second, community involvement should always be encouraged. We encourage other business owners to actively seek out organizations to form relationships with. Not only be part of the community, but also support them.

Notably, The Mentor Company is a Kitsap County Real Estate management and development organization. Therefore, they have played a vital role in developing areas throughout Kitsap County and have continued this role throughout the last 60 years. The following is dedicated to providing information on upcoming community events, their details and how to contact The Mentor Company in order to add their event. Not to mention, their location in Silverdale WA and their longevity in the community. Equally important is their positive relationship with many members throughout Kitsap County. For this reason, the Mentor Company tries to give back to the community through this event coordination. In other words, Thank you.

Kitsap County Community Involvement

The Mentor Company has been part of the Kitsap County community for more than 64 years and embraces the Company slogan “Building a Better Community.”  While we are involved in numerous organizations and causes, we are especially committed to and involved with the following: