Including, learn more. The Mentor Company is a Kitsap County readerboards management and development organization. Therefore, they have played a vital role in developing areas throughout Kitsap County and have continued this role throughout the last 60 years. This page is dedicated to providing information on how to view their current reader boards. As can be seen on the page, there are two reader boards. In addition to the location of the board, is a Map, prices and traffic counts. Futhermore, the map can be clicked to take you to the specific Google Maps page. The Prices are separated in the following way. First, by business vs Personal or Non-profit. In addition to this, it is separated by which days of the week. For example, either during the weekdays vs during the weekends. Each time period has a designated rate. Additionally, the traffic counts are given as average number of cars per day driving by. Lastly, contact information is provided. In the event that someone wants to reserve one readerboard, they could contact The Mentor Company directly. While a reservation sign-up would be easier, this ensures communication on proper guidelines.

Together with the information, this site also provides contact information for Judy and the Mentor Company. Not to mention, their location in Silverdale WA and their longevity in the community. Equally important is their positive relationship with many members throughout Kitsap County. For this reason, the Mentor Company tries to give back to the community through this even coordination. In other words, Thank you.

Kitsap County Readerboards

HWY 3 Readerboard Bremerton

Monday-Friday: $325/side
Friday-Monday: $265/side

Traffic Counts:
68,000 / day

Personal & Non-profit:
Monday-Friday: $300/side
Friday-Monday: $250/side

Clare Readerboard Bremerton

Monday-Friday: $165/side
Friday-Monday: $115/side

Traffic Counts:

Personal & Non-profit:
Monday-Friday: $140/side
Friday-Monday: $105/side

For inquires please email:
Or call : (360) 692-3079